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Field Trip Grade III SDK Penabur Gading Serpong
“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”.

Learning can not only be done in the four corners of the room. Pupils can learn from textbooks and other resources like internet and periodicals. However, actual experiences help pupils get hands-on learning.

To enrich the pupils learning about their topic in science on force and movement, the Grade Three held a field trip at Grand Imperial Golf Course, at Lippo Karawaci last 11th and 12th of April 2011.

When the pupils arrived at the venue, they were greeted with warm welcome from the team. The activity started with an opening prayer. Then the pupils were divided into three groups. Each group was given different activities. Their activities were tie knotting, kite painting and tips on how to fly kites.

For the tie knotting activities, the pupils were taught on how to do different kinds of knots such as fishermen’s knot, bowline and “simpul lassu”. Each of them was given strings so that they could do and learn the activity by themselves.

The pupils enjoyed and were very eager to do the next activity which is the kite painting. Each of them was given kites for them to paint. They were given 30 minutes to do the said activity and they were able to come up with beautiful and artistically designed kites.

he next activity taught them on where and how to fly kites; the team also gave inputs on what are the things needed so you can fly kites successfully.

After the small group sessions, the pupils now were all set to fly their very own kites. With an addition of a fair weather and good amount of wind that day, they were able to play and fly their own kites. Each of them enjoyed the day. They did not only learn their lessons but they were also able to interact with other students. In this way, they were also able to build friendship and camaraderie to each other. The teachers and students went home with a smile on their faces.
The activity was a tiring yet a very fulfilling one.